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Welcome to the home of award-winning chilli sauces, relishes and spices.

Over 25 years of careful stewardship, we are proud to have created an extensive range of chilli sauces, relishes and spices. Orcona is a family-owned business in the heart of rural Hawke's Bay, dedicated to honouring New Zealand's outstanding produce. All products are made by hand with no added bulking agents, preservatives, colour or flavouring.  


We have a wide range of sauces, with something to suit every plate, palette and heat preference. Mild to medium? We've got you covered. Hot to really hot? You've come to the right place!

The common thread in all our sauces is flavour. Anyone can do hot. We do delicious.


Whether you're looking to spice up a cheese plate, elevate roast meats, or serve up the tastiest burger known to man or beast, we have the perfect pairing.

All of our relishes are gluten, wheat and dairy free, with no added Tomato, bulking agents, colours, flavourings or preservatives.


Totally unique and of the highest imaginable quality, our pohutukawa-smoked paprika flake is designed as a condiment - to be left on the table and sprinkled from the fingertips, just as you would a flaky sea salt. 

Throw a pinch over a poached egg, fish fillet or buttered asparagus and we know you'll be hooked!

Gift Boxes

Lovingly handmade right here in Hawkes Bay from all-natural ingredients, these gift boxes are deliciously perfect for for everyone.

All gift boxes are carefully packed in branded, unbleached boxes and shipped within 24 hours


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