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Whether you're looking to spice up a cheese plate, elevate roast meats, or serve up the tastiest burger known to man or beast, we have the perfect pairing. All of our relishes are gluten, wheat and dairy free, with no added Tomato, bulking agents, colours, flavourings or preservatives. 

Jalapeno Relish
A Hot and spicy relish containing Jalapeño, onion and spices. Very popular, with a hot and spicy bite. Perfect with cold meats and cheeses, unbeatable on brilled meats and burgers.  Available in a 200g jar, or a 100g jar in selected gift boxes.
Chipotle Relish
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Hot 'N Smoky. Great on Nachos, Cheese and crackers, meatloaf or to add some amazing smoky heat to any dish!International Award winning product. World Champion 1st place at The World Hot Sauce Awards in Louisiana USA3rd place at the World Hot Sauce...
Chilli and Lime Relish
With a strong citrus tang and a marmalade-like texture, this relish has a medium heat level and sharp after-taste. Excellent on crackers and cheese, or as a topping for panfried fish (in a gurnard burger it's hard to beat!) Available in a 200g jar...
Harissa Paste
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A hot and spicy traditional Tunisian chilli paste. Very hot, with the wonderful flavours of northwest Africa. Add to casseroles, marinades and stews for a spicy kick, or add to mayonnaise for a fragrant dressing. But the best thing you can do? Rub...
Chilli and Feijoa Relish
The combination of Jalapeño chillis and fresh feijoas makes for an excellent sweet relish with the characteristic citrus taste of feijoa and the warm tingle of the peppers. Fantastic with crackers and a sharp cheddar or blue cheese. Available in a...
Red Pepper Relish
A sweet relish with no heat at all - just great fruit flavours enhanced, by fresh herbs and spices. Available in a 200g jar
Relish Sampler
Add these magnificent condiments to your table spread. Chilli and Lime Relish 100g Jalapeno Relish 100g Chipotle Relish 100g Harissa Paste 100g All gift boxes are carefully packed in branded, unbleached cardboard, and shipped wit...